There are three core individuals that make up LiveFitnessHub.com -- Steve, Mike and Cory. Back in 2011 we started our own fitness company at two locations in the Philadelphia area. During that time we helped hundreds of clients establish a regular workout routine along with better awareness to healthy nutrition.

However, as this business grew they began noticing that many of our clients struggled to maintain a consistent workout routine and nutrition schedule if their were unable to attend class. These clients weren't lazy or unmotivated but instead needed a better way to stay on track with their fitness goals.

LiveFitnessHub.com About

Steve, Mike & Cory

To better connect with current and potential clients we created LiveFitnessHub.com. Having a broad background in technology we built a online fitness system prototype and market tested live-streamed fitness classes on a limited weekly schedule.

These classes were not one-on-one sessions using FaceTime or Skype but they were dedicated live audio and video group sessions that could accommodate up to 15 clients per class. During the market tests each client was greeted by one of our live instructors and briefly prepped for that day's workout.

Throughout the workout a live fitness coach would remain onscreen in a small picture-in-picture window to  encourage, support and correct, if needed, the clients in the group workout session. It was nothing short of an amazing experience and our clients certainly raved about it on social media.

Now that we have been awarded a patent on our online, interactive fitness system we are constantly working to improve these live-streamed group fitness classes along with unique content through our various online channels.

You can learn more about each partner on our Profiles page. If you need to reach us please do so through our Contact Page. Also feel free to subscribe to our latest articles and also connect with us on social media.


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