Frequently Asked Questions and General Help

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What exactly are these workouts?

What can I expect during the workout?

How long are the workouts?

How do I set up my personal space for the workout?

What equipment do I need?

Can others see me while I exercise?

Am I the only person in the workout?

What do you mean "all fitness levels are welcome"?

Are there any workout descriptions?

Can I interact with the other class participants in the workout?

Are workouts ever repeated?

Are these workouts more for women... or geared more for men?

Can children do these workouts?

Does my timezone matter?

Can I workout at a different time?


What times do classes start?

How much do the workouts cost?

Once I register what happens next?

How do access the workouts?

Are classes refundable?

What do recurring charges mean?

How do I update my credit card info?

Can I cancel my account?

Will I lose access to the workouts once I cancel my account?


How do I report a problem?

Should I test my connection before the workout begins?

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