How To Build Your Own 5 Day Workout Plan

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of workouts out there. Pick up any fitness magazine and you will find a workout in it. Search the web and the possibilities are endless. Browse YouTube and wow, which one of the thousands of workouts do you do? And which one is actually appropriate for you? But there is a much bigger hidden problem in all of that. Forget the actual workout for a moment and think about the workout plan. In other words how many times are you going to workout per week, what will each day look like and do each of the individual workouts compliment each other? Today we are going to show you how to build your very own 5 day workout plan that works for you. 

And by the way, we certainly understand that not everyone is interested in building their own 5 day workout plan. There is a powerful incentive in simply doing a pre-built workout without a plan with the hopes that something good will come from it but that is not what we do here at LiveFitnessHub. We hear from enough of you who want to be more involved in your personal fitness development and now want to have a hand your own weekly workout plan. So this is for you.

Triple Compounded

Regardless of the type of workout plan you build every plan should be constructed of, what we call, "triple compounded" meaning it needs to consist of 3 essential elements. By simply knowing how to organize these 3 elements you will understand far more than the vast majority of self-proclaimed fitness gurus. Then once these 3 elements are properly implemented into a 5 day workout plan you are set up to see meaningful results while avoided potential injuries that we hear about all too often.

Let's first look at the 3 individual elements of the triple compound before seeing how to organize them into a 5 day workout plan.

Element #1 - Strength Building

5 day workout plan

Beginning with the most difficult one first - we have strength building. It is typically the most complicated and also inflicts the most pain... good pain that is. Strength building is nothing more than making your muscles stronger which is not to say bigger and more bulky.

According to a Mayo Clinic article 'Metabolism and weight loss: How you burn calories', lean toned muscles are the biggest factor in burning daily calories so we should constantly work to keep them strong and usable. Additionally, as we age we tend to lose muscle therefore we should do everything to maintain it through some type of resistance training. We recommend a mix of both body weight exercises and the use of free weights such as dumbbells. 

A few examples of some strength building exercises are pushups, squats with or without dumbbells, pullups and overhead shoulder presses with dumbbells. 

Element #2 - Cardio Conditioning

5 day workout plan

The most popular elements of the "triple compounder" is cardio, likely because it is the easiest to understand. Jog on the treadmill, swim a few laps, go for a hike and there you have it, your cardio conditioning. Well, not really.

Without belaboring this too much cardio conditioning should be a bit more than a casual exercise. This type of conditioning is all about challenging the heart and lungs. This is why we highly recommend wearing a heart rate monitor during your workouts such as the Fitbit Blaze we wrote about in a previous article The Best Of The Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

For proper cardio conditioning the goal should always be to push your heart rate up above 130 beats per minute for the average healthy person which also generates a greater oxygen exchange in the lungs. Certainly ask your primary physician what is appropriate for you. The point being is that increasing the heart rate for short periods of time builds a stronger heart and stronger lungs. There is a great article by the Harvard Medical School about Interval Training For A Stronger Heart. Check it out if you have a chance. 

Element #3 - Stretching & Flexibility

5 day workout plan

The final of the 3 elements is stretching and flexibility. And although this one is widely known it is also typically underutilized. For most people the only time any stretching takes place is just after waking up in the morning. This is precisely why we list it here as its own essential element in the "triple compounder". 

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that supports the fact the most sports related injuries could have been dramatically reduced and in some cases eliminated if stretching and flexibility has been a regular practice. And yoga is the perfect prescription. 

Whether you participate in an organized class or you do it on your own the whole point is to make a concerted effort to regularly stretch your muscles and attain greater flexibility throughout the week and then designate one specific day for a longer session such as a yoga class. More on that in a moment. 

In the many fitness classes we have taught over the years we have often said, "flexible muscle is usable muscle" therefore why not make better use of what you already have? Unless of course you have very little muscle mass - then refer back to Element #1 to increase your muscle mass. Isn't this cool how this all works together?

If you plan on engaging in stretching and flexibility on your own and need a fantastic yoga mat, check out the one we recommend in our article 21 Amazing Gifts For Fitness Lovers 2017

Now... the 5 Day Workout Plan

Finally we get to the 5 day workout plan but we couldn't just start with it because its individual elements are vital to making it work. However, the actually plan is surprisingly simply and easy to understand. 











So with our 5 day workout plan Saturday and Sunday are rest days however you can see that you get two strength building and two cardio conditioning sessions per week along with one stretching and flexibility session mid-week. Each of these sessions should be allotted about 30 minutes and absolutely no more than 45 minutes. More than 45 minutes is known to increase the hormone cortisol which encourages fat production and storage while provoking appetite. In other words, don't workout for more than 45 minutes regularly if you want to stay healthy. You can read more about cortisol with our friends at Precision Nutrition.

One Final Note...

Maybe after reading all of this you just don't feel like building your own 5 day workout plan. We actually understand that and have helped many people in your situation.

If you need us to build a 5 day workout plan for you then we would be happy to. Drawing from a library of over 600 exercises that we have used to custom build and instruct over 1,400 workouts we can certainly help you for a small fee.

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