Step 1 - Test your connection

In this step we need to make sure your device works 

  1. Your device is either a computer (desktop/laptop), tablet, smart phone or smart TV
  2. You will need a good Internet connection (wire or wireless) connected to device in #1
  3. A webcam (built-in or external) connected to device in #1
  4. A microphone (built-in or external) connected to device in #1

Once you have all of the above, it is important to complete the following step prior to your first class. Getting your computer, laptop, tablet, phone or smart TV ready for the online workout is easy. Simply click HERE and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 2 - Set up your workout space

Although every space will be different we recommend that you try to set up your space according to below diagram. Allow for approximately 7 feet between you and your webcam and 3 feet on both side of your body. Also, ideally the ceiling needs to be at least 8 feet in height. 

Please ensure your workout space is well lit. Position webcam so that you are in view while you are standing as well as lying on the floor. This ensures the instructor will also be able to see you in all exercise positions.

Here is a list of necessary items that you need to have ready for the workout:

  1. A standard yoga/workout mat
  2. A set of dumbbells - up to 30 lbs. is adequate (adjustable dumbbells workout great)
  3. Appropriate workout clothes as though you were going to the gym (sports shorts, top, shoes)
  4. A filled water bottle
  5. A workout towel
  6. Ample space to work out (see image below)
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