Top 5 Cheap Running Shoes For Men in 2017

When it comes to buying new running shoes the choices can be daunting and with prices so high no wonder the vast majority of men end up holding onto their running shoes for far too long.

Aside from the fact that extensive studies show that we should be replacing our running shoes regularly to maintain optimum foot health we also don't want to spend an enormous amount of money annually on shoes that serve a singular function. So here at LiveFitnessHub we have painstakingly sifted through our piles of research and piles of old running shoes to bring you what we believe are the top 5 cheap running shoes for men in 2017. Don't worry ladies... we'll have something for you soon. 

Keep in mind that the shoes we have selected fall into the general all-purpose running category although some of these shoes may also perform well in other categories such as cross-training or trail running. The intent of this article is to provide you with enough information to make a quick, well-informed decision about which highly performant running shoe to buy within a reasonable budget. 

And one additional note before we dive in. Running shoes and their designs change about as often as the wind. Manufacturers are constantly developing new styles while occasionally discontinuing old ones even when a particular shoe may have performed very well. The models and prices we have compiled will likely be good for several month and possible a year as of the date of this article but we have also seen some discontinued shoes over the years become quite difficult to find which drives up prices due to high demand. Ok enough said - let's take a look at some good but cheap running shoes for men.  

Our Top 5 Picks






Venture 5

10.7 oz.



Kinvara 5

7.8 oz.



Ghost 8

10.3 oz.



All Out Peak

10.4 oz.


New Balance


10.1 oz.


Top 5 Cheap Running Shoes for Men in 2017

ASICS GEL - Venture 5

Starting with the cheapest of the 5 the GEL-Venture 5 uses rearfoot cushioning technology with a rugged outsole making it good for runners with supination even those requiring medical orthotic inserts. The abrasion resistant reversed lugs on the outsole provide uphill and downhill traction as well as superior road traction allowing the runner to navigate both on and off road with this versatile shoe. 

Top 5 Cheap Running Shoes for Men in 2017

Saucony - Kinvara 5

Long known for their ultra lightweight design Saucony has produces this upgraded workhorse from their award-winning line of Kinvaras. Adding extra rubber to the outer edge through the midfoot this shoe provides excellent toe-off improving overall runner efficiency. The added triangular lace saddle pulls the redesigned upper mesh snug against the foot for a more a tight but flexible ride. 

Top 5 Cheap Running Shoes for Men in 2017

Brooks - Ghost 8

This Ghost 8 earns our top pick due to a slightly different design and great durability in extreme environments. With a strong underfoot platform this shoe is excellent in rocky uneven terrain providing extra cushioning and impact crash pads along the outer edge. The wider toe box provides just a bit more room than other running shoes without sacrificing a snug, comfortable fit. Having performed equally well in our many mud runs as well as exercise sessions this is our "go-to" shoe for cross functional fitness training. 

Top 5 Cheap Running Shoes for Men in 2017

Merrell - All Out Peak

With its unusual name the All Out Peak get high marks for comfort and stability but it is also the most expensive of this bunch. Merrell has incorporated some pretty unique technology they are calling the HyperWrap 360 Degree Fit System into this shoe. I guess they like their strange names. This fit system provides an impressive support structure that really performs well on rough terrain. The shoe also sports a new reflective synthetic breathable upper ideal for low light visibility so its no wonder this shoe cost a bit more. However, it's still a bargain. 

Top 5 Cheap Running Shoes for Men in 2017

New Balance - 720v3

The 720v3 makes good use of a IMEVA injection molded mid-sole that scores high with long distance runners due to excellent arch support and responsiveness. This narrower shoe also comes equipped with a no-sew non-irritating inner sleeve that acts more like a support sock. With moderate but not over-pronounced traction this is the perfect road shoe for the daily runner.

Hope you enjoyed our list of top 5 cheap running shoes for men in 2017. We are already working on our lists for 2018 so stay tuned. Please reach out to us with any comments you may have and don't forget to share this article. Thanks!

Cory Crabtree
Cory Crabtree

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